BONUS: Almost Final Thoughts | Season 2 Episode 7

There is no single lifestyle that suits everyone. We have different ways of living and functioning. It is crucial to find a life that sets you free and brings you peace. A nomad lifestyle can be life-changing.

In this bonus episode, Seek Go Create host Tim Winders wraps up Season 2 of the podcast. He shares his final thoughts on the nomad lifestyle. 

To know more about living freely, listen to this episode!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn the different aspects of the nomad lifestyle, as discussed in previous episodes.
  2. Discover what it means to live freely and how you can choose the best lifestyle for you.
  3. Know what to expect in the next season of the Seek Go Create podcast.


Episode Highlights

[00:29] Looking Back at Season 2

  • Season 2 introduced us to a different way of living.
  • Tim shared specific tips about living as a nomad.
  • It was challenging as the topic might be a foreign concept. 
  • There are many variations of living and operating in today’s world.
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[02:12] Episode 1 — Dare to Be Different With A Nomad Lifestyle

  • In Episode 1, Tim expounded on mindset.
  • He found out what it meant to think differently.

[02:38] Episode 2 — What Do I Do with All My Stuff

  • In Episode 2, Tim identified the things that keep people from traveling.
  • He talked about the concepts of minimalism and essentialism. 
  • He discussed the different processes that he and his wife had to go through to downsize their life.
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[03:34] Episode 3 — How to Live in Houses That You Do Not Own

  • Episode 3 tackled house sitting.
  • Tim talked about his experience of traveling and living in different homes.

 [04:06] Episode 4 — Living on Wheels And A Nomad Lifestyle

  • In Episode 4, Tim shared how his family transitioned into living in an RV.
  • He discussed the advantages and challenges of the nomad lifestyle.

[05:13] Episode 5 — Nomad Lifestyle While Working on the Road

  • Tim discusses how he works. He travels.
  • His family enjoys being productive.
  • He shared his first novel and his business coaching.
  • He shared why getting good Internet was their biggest challenge in traveling. 
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[07:19] Episode 6 — Take Nothing for Your Journey To A Nomad Lifestyle

  • Episode 6 focused more on preaching and teaching from scripture.
  • Tim discussed Luke 9:1–6.
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[08:45] Final Thoughts on Nomad Lifestyle

  • Tim enjoyed telling the stories of how he and his family moved into the nomad lifestyle. 
  • There are options to live a different lifestyle. 
  • Traveling gives you freedom, and freedom is a great feeling.
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[16:05] On the Next Season

  • The next season will focus on leadership.
  • Tim will discuss leadership training and other unique concepts.
  • He will tackle stewardship and being a servant leader.

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