How to Find Peace Even When Life Becomes Chaotic with Glori Winders

Life won't be perfect all the time. We experience trials and tribulations that strengthen us as we move through the seasons of life. As the challenges grow tougher, we should learn to appreciate the little things. Beautiful sceneries, an “I love you” message from your spouse or a loved one, or even a short video call with a grandchild are just a fraction of the wondrous blessings from God. All in all, trust the process. In God, you can find peace and joy.

In this episode, Glori Winders discusses the seasons in her life and how they are all according to God's plan. Every season of her life has been curated perfectly to be the person she is now. Episodes of joy, pain, and fear are God's way of manifesting his guidance for us. It's not easy to find peace when life is hard, but Glori encourages us to walk with the Lord and trust in Him no matter what. You can achieve inner peace with Him even when life becomes chaotic and painful.   

Listen to the episode if you want to find peace no matter the season.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Discover how seasons change and how we can learn to embrace all seasons, whether joyful or painful. 
  2. Learn the ways you can grow closer to the Lord and find peace even when life becomes difficult. 
  3. Understand that difficulties will pass. Trust that the Lord will guide you through. 

About Glori

Glori Winders is an author, minister, motivator, cook, and entrepreneur. She has published numerous books on food that meet a broad range of dietary restrictions and are allergen-free. Together with her husband, Tim, she has launched new businesses while writing and traveling the world.

If you’d like to reach out to Glori, you may visit her website or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Episode Highlights

[02:13] Growing as Seasons Pass 

  • Glori shares that her relationship with Tim has grown and matured over the years and seasons. They even love each other more, through thick and thin.
  • There is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven. 
  • We aren’t promised a perfect life and will experience ups and downs.

[06:33] The Season of Children

  • Tim and Glori share that they dated for one year, then were engaged for two years before getting married. 
  • Glori shares that they were already facing challenges before marriage. Overcoming them made their relationship stronger.
  • Before having children, their lifestyle was more relaxed and focused on keeping their lives in order. 
  • Having children is a whole different season, but it makes you see the changing seasons more. 
  • Tim and Glori loved experiencing the stages of their child's growth, but children leave home eventually. Living in an empty nest was just another new season. 

[16:35] Remember That Jesus is Always with You 

  • There may have been seasons of struggle, but there are also seasons of celebration and blessings of life God has offered. 
  • Glori realized that it was a beautiful season as her family enjoyed life in beautiful places.
  • You can still find peace and joy amidst a season of hardship. 
  • Remember that Jesus Christ has a plan for you. Trust his way, and you'll experience joy and peace no matter what you're going through. 
[19:02] “He is working all things out for your good. That doesn't mean we're not going to have trials or tribulations, but it's all working out for your good if you believe that it is and that you know He's working on your behalf and that He is your joy and your peace whether the circumstances you're in are joyful or peaceful.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[25:13] The Season of Having ‘Old Parents’ 

  • We often think about taking care of our children but not our parents. 
  • Tim and Glori share that there are both physical and mental stresses during this time, especially watching their parents' health deteriorate.
  • Their parents need to have access to medical services. Arranging these services for their parents has been challenging and stressful. 
  • Most of us will not have the chance to see our parents take care of their parents, so this is something new and unknown.  
  • Glori encourages us to seek the Lord's guidance when we feel like we're at a dead end. 
[29:25] “It's like a lot of seasons in my life. I don't know how to handle a lot of it, so I just have to pray and ask the Lord for him to open up doors.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[31:18] Submit to the Lord  

  • We may think that we have control over many things in our lives, but this is not the case. 
  • When you believe you can control everything, you naturally put more pressure on yourself. 
  • Remember that you cannot control other people and situations. Only the Lord is in control.

[33:19] Seasons of Hard Work and Rest

  • There are millions of people who left the workforce. More are expected to quit by the end of the year.
  • Leaving the workforce gives people the chance to reflect and understand their long-term passions.
  • Glori shares that when they were younger, they used to work harder and stayed up longer, thinking that this was the path to success.
  • However, they now understand that creativity needs rest. 
  • There will be seasons where you need to hustle, but remember that you also need time to rest and recover.
[35:17] “We are in a season where we actually understand our creativity comes when we're at a place of rest. If we're tired, it's harder for us to be creative.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[38:08] Ownership to Stewardship 

  • The storehouse principle is understanding that your money and resources are gifts from the Lord. 
  • Eventually, he will multiply the work of your hands. 
  • Everything we own is not ours — it's the Lord's.
  • The shift towards stewardship led to the results of their current business endeavors. 

[40:03] Stop Trying to Impress Others

[40:50] ”I don't really care what other people think [and I’m] not trying to impress anybody. The only person I care about is the Lord.” - Click Here to Tweet This
  • Glori shares that she is in a season of rest and growing her relationship with the Lord. 
  • She can find peace by not trying to impress others. She only cares about the Lord. 
  • Love Him with all your heart and soul, including yourself and others. You cannot learn to love others if you do not love yourself. 
  • Tim and Glori once dreamed of boasting their material gains to people. Now, they want to grow as people without worrying about presenting a wealthy facade. 
  • You should not judge actions against what you think is right. Instead, take it to the Lord. 
[45:03] “I know too many people that have things and things have them. I don't want to be in a place where things have me, I want things to be a tool for me to do whatever I was put here to do.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[49:06] Seasons Change

  • Even if you’re in a difficult season, it will change and pass. Fostering your relationship with the Lord helps you endure this process.
  • Don’t give up and give in to fear. 
  • Find peace in the Lord and trust that things will work out. Embrace the season you’re in. 
  • Even if you’ve laid out a ‘perfect’ plan for yourself, the Lord’s plan for you still triumphs. Thus, you should always trust the process.

[52:13] The Seasons of Thanksgiving

  • Glori reminds us that there’s no need to get everything on the list. Gestures as small as baking cookies and writing encouraging notes could be more meaningful than you know. 
  • We should remember that Jesus is the gift on this Earth to restore our relationship with God. 
  • Be joyful and thankful for God’s great gifts. 

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