Working on the Road | Season 2 Episode 5

The world is vast, and opportunities are endless if we can only spot open doors. But with every opportunity comes challenges we need to face. These struggles may bring uncertainty, but these should not stop us from exploring other tracks. Working on the road will be easier than ever!

In this episode, Seek Go Create host Tim Winders talks about some of the challenges he had faced when his family transitioned to “working on the road.” He also shares some tips and options for those who are interested in trying this setup. 

If you’re considering to work on the road, tune in to this episode!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Discover how working on the road works while at the same time still having your legal address. 
  2. Learn about some of the challenges you might face and the ways to overcome them.
  3. Find out some options you can try in working on the road and live a nomad life. 


Episode Highlights

[05:00] Challenges in Mobility When Working on the Road 

  • If you’re traveling, consistency can be a significant challenge. There would only be a thin line between a vacation day and a workday while working on the road. 
  • You can be more prone to distractions while working on the road. 
  • One of Tim’s biggest struggles is having a high-speed Internet connection while working on the road, as this is necessary for their daily business operations. 
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 [09:32] Americas Mailbox 

  • When Tim’s family decided to start up a business, one of the things they forwent is a legal address. 
  • They looked for states that are friendlier to people who travel full time. In their case, it was South Dakota. 
  • They receive their mail through Americas Mailbox. The company has legal residents who will accept mail for you and forward it wherever you are. 
  • This can help you have a legal address for other transactions such as banking and filing for taxes. 
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[15:25] Addressing the Internet Challenge While Working on the Road 

  • They made efforts to be in RV parks or resorts to have access to electricity, water, and Internet service. 
  • However, you do not need to depend on their Wi-Fi service. You can get a router that allows an antenna to go up higher on the roof to access additional signals.
  • You can also have hotspots, and some of them have unlimited data. 
  • A cell booster can also help strengthen the signal while working on the road. 
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 [22:15] Having an Office Space 

  • Functional office space is necessary. 
  • It can condition you to be in “work mode.” 

 [24:33] Camp Hosting and Working on the Road

  • Camp hosting or park hosting is where people can come and stay in an RV park for free in exchange for working on the road for two or three days a week.
  • Some of those who do this are already retired, but they just want to be working on the road.
  • You can do this if you want to travel, lower your cost, and do some cool things. 
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 [26:02] Freelancing While Working on The Road 

  • You may also opt to start your own virtual business helpful while working on the road. 
  • You can offer freelance-oriented services that can aid you while working on the road, such as coaching, coding, and consultation.
“Try it, do some of it, see what works for you, what doesn’t work for you. And I believe it’ll be a blessing to you just to kind of stretch yourself, get uncomfortable a little bit and try something new.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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