Leadership In The Bible | Season 3 Episode 5

The Bible shows us a lot about learning leadership, love, and stewardship. We get a glimpse of what it takes to become a leader through the stories of different biblical characters. The Book of Timothy specifically lists down the qualities of a bishop or an overseer. It shows God’s high expectations for those learning leadership roles.

In this episode, Tim talks about what the Scripture says about learning leadership. He expounds on the qualifications of a true steward of the Church. Finally, Tim emphasizes the importance of loving others as we love ourselves.

To know more about how the Bible describes a leader, listen to this episode! 

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Understand the true meaning of leadership.
  2. Discover the qualities of a bishop or overseer.
  3. Learn the importance of loving others as you love yourself.


Episode Highlights

[01:21] What Is Leadership?

  • The Bible sets a high bar when it comes to overseeing or leading people.
  • Leadership means being a steward over those people, places, and things with which God has gifted you.
  • Even if you are not a believer, you can learn a lot from what the Bible says about leadership.

[08:13] Love Others as You Love Yourself

  • Many Christians find it challenging to portray God’s basic commandments.
  • The basic commandment is to love God, love people, and love yourself.
  • Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Galatians 5:14, and James 2:8 emphasize the importance of loving others as you love yourself.
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[14:40] Leadership in The Book of Timothy

  • There are many ways to become an everyday leader.
  • Timothy 3:1-7 establishes a level of excellence that leaders should strive to achieve. It is a portion of a letter written by Paul to Timothy.
  • A bishop is like a leader of leaders. He oversees people, churches, and organizations.

[21:35] Verse 1: Desiring Good Work

  • If a man desires a position of leadership, he desires good work.
  • Do not desire leadership to have power over people.
  • It needs to be for proper reasons.
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[23:40] Verse 2: Blamelessness and Faithfulness

  • Blamelessness means you cannot have a lot of issues. You need to have your act together.
  • You need to be a faithful person, which includes faithfulness in marriage. If you cannot honor and love your spouse, wouldn’t it also be difficult for you to honor, love, and be a good steward in a role outside marriage?
  • Be vigilant—do not be lazy. Instead, be sober and focused.
  • Hospitality: Be welcoming to people.
  • Be apt to teach. You need good communication skills to share information and provide your wisdom to others.

[28:14] Verse 3: Avoiding Over-Indulgence and Greed

  • A leader is not greedy and does not over-indulge.
  • Do not look at what you can gain from people.
  • Be patient, especially when dealing with other people. Do not be a brawler who’s fighting and arguing all the time.
  • Be contented, satisfied, and at peace with where you currently are.

[33:32] Verse 4: Learning Leadership at Home

  • We cannot be responsible for all the actions of our children.
  • However, we are responsible for raising them.
  • We need to be able to establish leadership at home.
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[36:10] Verse 5: A Leader at Church

  • If you cannot take care of your own house, you cannot take care of the Church.
  • You have to learn to control bigger things.
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[36:40] Verse 6: Not a Novice

  • Placing people in leadership roles too soon causes pride.
  • People start thinking they are more than they are.
  • Worse, it can start an internal conflict when people tell them how great they are because of their role.
  • Learning leadership roles means being ready. It means being mindful.

[39:03] Verse 7: Having a Good Report

  • You must have a good report with people. Otherwise, you will fall into the snare of the devil.
  • Treat everyone with respect and honor. This is a way of learning leadership.
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